MLB Uniforms – America Loves Their Teams and Their MLB Uniforms

Baseball is America’s favorite past time, at least during the summer months. Fans love to show off their favorite teams by wearing their team’s MLB Uniforms. You can almost tell what city you are in just by watching the caps worn by the citizens of that town.

To some fans it is part of the ritual of going to a game. You have to pick out at least one article of your team’s MLB uniform. At the very least you need to wear a team cap. For the more serious fan, you will also need to have a jersey also. It doesn’t matter whether the cap and or jersey is neat or just down right ugly. It is YOUR team and you have to support it by wearing part of the uniform. But this is by no means limited to just going to games and showing off the team colors.

Wearing your team’s MLB uniform cap is a year round thing for many. It is just part of your apparel. This is also not a gender thing. Of course more men typically wear the cap than women, but you will see many women also wear their favorite team’s cap. Traveling in other parts of the world, I have noticed that women wearing caps seems to be an American thing.

If you will indulge me in a short story to illustrate this American custom. My wife and I take people on antique buying trips to England. One of the girls said she couldn’t understand how they knew she was American before she opened her moth. I told her to just look in the mirror. She had her hair in a pony tail with the “tail” sticking out of the back of her cap. I asked her how many English women had she seen wearing caps. The American women stood out like sore thumbs with their cap and pony tail.

Of course Major League Baseball promotes the sale of the MLB uniforms because it is a good source of income. You can tell how popular a team is by the number of caps you can see people wearing, even in cities where that team is not located. You will see Yankee hats all over the U.S. Nearly everyone has a definite feeling about the Yankees, you either love them or hate them. You can check online and see which teams sell the most gear and thus rank the popularity of each team.

Some teams have special hats that may not be apart of the official MLB uniform. After a world series win, the players may wear a special hat that shows they won the world series. There are other just special hats that teams have to help generate more income. Besides the standard team logo, there may be special colors or designs. Again there seems to be a fascination with baseball caps in our society. Of course it now is not just MLB that has hats. Nearly every sport has a cap to promote their team.

Lately nearly every generation has its own special way to wear their MLB caps. It started with wearing the hat backwards like the way catchers used to wear them. I remember the stink that Ken Griffey Jr. created when he wore his backwards while taking batting practice before a game. Some traditional fans thought this was a disgrace. Baseball is a sport steeped in tradition. This was followed by young people wearing them at all sorts of odd angles. But however they are worn, fans still love their MLB uniforms.

Choosing From the Bestselling MLB Baseball Jerseys For Kids

This Christmas you can give the baseball fan in your life a Christmas present they are sure to really enjoy. The bestselling MLB baseball jerseys available will give the sports fan in your life something to wear while they are watching at the game or in the living room. The quality of the jersey is so good, they may even wear it out as they go to the store in order to pick up some essentials for the home.

The great part about the jerseys is you are able to buy them for everyone from small children to grown adults. This gives you the ability clothe the entire family in jerseys which will pay homage to either your favorite player or just to the team in general. You can even give your favorite young child a wonderful role model to look up to in the years ahead. These role models will inspire them to do better in every part of their life.

One of the bestselling MLB baseball jerseys which is in high demand is the Derek Jeter New York Yankees Replica Home Jersey. Kids love to wear the jersey because Derek Jeter is a great player for one of the most respected teams in the nation. Parents love for their children to wear the jersey because of the upstanding character of the player himself. Most parents would be proud if their children grew up to be like him.

Another one of the very popular jerseys is the Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees Replica Home jersey. This is a favorite by more than just sports fans and small children. Many women wear the jersey because they like the man himself and fantasize about the day they are given a jersey actually worn by the man. Until that day comes, they will cherish the jersey which so closely resembles the one he wears on the field.

While many parents will buy bestselling MLB baseball jerseys for kids, it is no guarantee their children will grow up to be like the person on the jersey. If given the right influence in their life, the child might actually be able to surpass what you consider to be a great role model for their life. Just make sure you do not give your child a jersey from someone who turns out to be hooked on steroids.

Whether buying current or past jerseys, a Christmas gift which is always sure to hit the mark is bestselling MLB baseball jerseys. These jerseys will be valued not only for their realistic appearance, but because of what they represent to the person you have given it to.

Proudly Wearing Your Throwback Baseball Jerseys

America’s national pastime – baseball. Way back when, baseball was a gentlemen’s game, and the players were devoted to it. They were paid very little money and even less attention. Today, of course, people who love baseball have had their illusions shattered with controversy over steroid use, home run records, and so many other scandals. But if you really and truly just love the game of baseball and miss the days when it was pure sport, what to do? The answer is simple – proudly wear a classic baseball throwbacks. These great items celebrate the sport back when it was just that – a sport. When the players earned their records through practice and skill, and maybe just a bit of luck, but not with “juicing” and other dangerous shortcuts. Wearing a throwback baseball jersey is a great way to honor the legacies of the sport and to show that you will never give up on the game, no matter who tries to taint it.

If you’re going to choose a throwback baseball jersey for yourself or as a gift, start by considering their hometown or favorite team. Are they from Chicago? Then of course you’ll get the Cubs. If it’s New York, are they Yankees or Mets fans? A throwback baseball jersey is a personal statement, so be sure you know exactly which team or player they’ll be rooting for – a Yankees fan wearing a Mets jersey is going to get a lot of strange looks at the sports bar!

Maybe you’re not sure which team or which player you want to honor with a throwback baseball jersey. Do not fret, there are many that are made up that are not any one particular team but that closely resemble uniforms of days past. No matter which you will choose, you’ll be proud to show off your genuine love for a genuine game with your own throwback baseball jersey.

Top 5 MLB Teams With the Most Awesome Uniforms

Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the most watched sports in the United States. Aside from the game and the players, one of the things that the crowd looks forward to is seeing the teams’ uniforms – especially at the start of the MLB season.

For some, uniforms are simply what they are: something to identify a person or team. But for many others, especially for the players, baseball jerseys are more than just an ID. They define a person and a team. They boost a team’s confidence and morale.

For MLB fans, baseball jerseys are like a fashion statement. They’re button up shirts with unique designs. In other words, they can be worn outside the game. You can wear them on an ordinary day and manage to look fashionable.

To give you an idea of which baseball jersey you should keep in your closet, we’ve decided to rank the best FIVE according to design, logo, color and crowd impact.

The Most Awesome MLB Uniforms

Of the 30 teams, here are the top five with the most awesome uniforms:

New York Yankees

Part of the reason why the Yankees’ uniform is on top of the list is familiarity. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll always find people wearing the Yankees cap. And then, of course, the pinstripes. The blue pinstripes are some sort of a trademark. It’s something that has made some people identify baseball easily, especially those who are not quite familiar with the teams and the game yet. And, mind you, the Yankees’ pinstripes look good. They add to the “attractive” factor. Imagine Derek Jeter walking right in front of you in his pinstripes!

The Yankees’ logo is also a standout. It has become a city symbol. It’s easy to recognize and looks really clean and neat – pleasing to the eyes.

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals’ uniform is a classic. Their white home jersey, which shows the redbirds perched on the yellow bat, truly represents the team. The Cardinals recently came out with a throwback uniform in off-white color. The birds are still on top of the bat, but instead of “St. Louis Cardinals” printed on the front, it’s just “St. Louis”. The birds and the bat look better, too. Fans love the throwback, but many say the white one remains to be their favorite.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The simple script and logo on the Dodgers’ uniform is what defines the team. Its style is appealing. It has an effect that grows on you. The blue and white colors also make the uniform look refreshing. Player numbers (on the front side) are in red, but they do not break the effect. The numbers stand out but are not glaring.

Boston Red Sox

The biggest and most obvious reason for choosing the Red Sox uniform is its simplicity. It has not gone through a lot of changes over the years, but Red Sox players can still stand out in a crowd of thousands. The white, red and blue combination must have something to do with that.

Oakland Athletics

Not many may agree with this choice, but the A’s uniform made it to this list because of one reason: their colors are distinctive. The trademark colors of the team – California gold, Hunter green and white – figure prominently in the evolution of their jerseys. Their color combinations are theirs and theirs alone; no one thought of using them. And the team used them well.

The Oakland A’s jersey style is like a mishmash of the classic and the modern. Perfect for baseball.

You may have your own definition of an awesome baseball uniform, but this list can help give you an idea of which ones to look first. Whichever team uniform you decide is best, you should buy one and start wearing it proudly!