Major League Baseball Is in Full Swing This Summer

#1 Long History of Baseball

Baseball history can be traced back to the Civil War times, so it represents one of the oldest team sports in US history. You can mention names from the early 1900s and people recognize the names Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Cy Young and Lou Gehrig. There are not many of us saw them playing MLB, but we know the history.

Having part of your Man Cave decor dedicated to some baseball memorabilia from old season is essential. Pictures of these players are timeless pieces of history. Many of the pictures could be our favorite players like Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio or Sandy Koufax.

MLB has such a long history you can pick players from your favorite team and create a historic wall of fame.

#2 Summer = Baseball

Summer is baseball time for many Americans. This is the time we go to games to cheer on our favorite team. However, if you are like me I do not have the time or money to go and spend on lot of games. One thing I can do is watch games on my flat screen TV in my Man Cave surrounded by banners, flags, pictures and jerseys from my team.

Right there is one of the main reasons to create a Baseball Man Cave: watching games on TV. The environment is one of the keys to watching any game. I like watching games surrounded by baseball memorabilia. This gives the feel of a good sports bar atmosphere. For some reason it looks and feels better with all the sports merchandise like pictures, banners and posters.

#3 Brings Back Childhood and Youth

Baseball is sort of like fountain of youth. It is one of the reason why the movie Field of Dreams was so popular 25 years ago and today. The movie brings back those memories of playing catch with your Dad and Grandpa. Creating a Baseball Man Cave can help give that same feeling of remembering the joy of baseball.

Baseball can take you back to a time of joy of watching or playing a game. This is why men like creating a Man Cave. We can go back and relive those special moments in time. Remembering the time your team won the World Series is one of those special times. Having sports memorabilia from that season would be the place to start in designing your room.

# Final Thoughts: Make Room Special

My favorite part of a Man Cave is that everyone is unique. Now there are design elements we all have such as a bar and large flat screen TV. What will make your Baseball Man Cave special are your own items you add to the room. Some pictures in the room may be from personal games you attended or an autographed jersey from you favorite player.

Putting your personal design touch into the room is what will make it special. Someone will say, “I knew you would have one of those.” That statement is why you created your Baseball Man Cave.